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Do you want to get back in shape, but looking for a different kind of exercise than the same old routine?

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Adults and Teens starting at Age 14 

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Burn Fat Fast!

Kickboxing not only exercises the body but also hones the mind and increases confidence. Pair a cardio workout with the resistance of punching and kicking bags and targets, and you get a whole-body workout that gives you a challenge.

ATA Martial Arts focuses on making the ancient traditions of martial arts relevant to the needs of a 21st century person.  

Feel Fit, Healthy and Strong

ATA Martial Arts develops your physical strength and abilities to feel better and have more energy throughout the day.

Unshakeable Confidence

Through a structured program of training and overcoming challenges, ATA Martial Arts kickboxers develop a sense of Confidence that carries throughout life.

Self-Defense Application 

Our instructors and trainers at ATA Martial Arts are lifelong martial artists who will share their knowledge of personal protection during your workout!

Meet Your Teacher: Ms. Carman Ms. Kelly Carman is the Chief Instructor of our school, Chatham ATA Martial Arts. She has done martial arts for over 12 years and is a 4th Degree Black Belt!

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We're conveniently located in Pittsboro and North Chatham:

Pittsboro: East St across from Pittsboro Pet Supply

North Chatham: at O2 Fitness on 15-501

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ATA Martial Arts - Pittsboro

1089 East St. Suite B
Pittsboro, NC 27312

text: 919-724-3178

ATA Martial Arts - North Chatham

11 Cole Place
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

inside O2 Fitness