After a year of limited activity, it's time to get back active.

Kids need to get away from their screens and back to real social interaction.

Adults want to get back into shape and feel great again.

Our martial arts program helps to get fit, stay active, and learn skills for life.

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Hundreds of Families Who Have Trained with Us Learned:

Martial Arts Will Change Your Life

  • Classes for Kids and Adults
  • Currently Offering Indoor & Outdoor Classes
  • Clean and Sanitized Facility
  • We Follow All Health Department Guidelines

ATA Karate for Kids Program

  • Basic Martial Arts: Stances, Blocks, Kicks and Strikes
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Activity and Exercise
  • Life Skills including Discipline, Focus and Confidence
  • 45-Minute classes
  • Monthly Program Commitment with 30-Day notice to cancel
  • Family Member Discounts: $25 off the 2nd member, the 3rd Trains for only $25/month. 4th+ Free!

Basic Program

Students start with the Basic Program, attending 2x/week. This gives the fundamentals of martial arts and teaches the skills necessary to train to become a black belt in 36-48 months.


Advanced Training and Leadership Programs

For students wanting to dive even deeper into their martial arts, they can challenge themselves with training in weapons, board breaking, as well as learning leadership skills. By instructor recommendation only.

from $169/month

How to Start Your Training

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Your Teacher: Ms. Carman
Ms. Kelly Carman is the Chief Instructor of our school, Chatham ATA Martial Arts. She has done martial arts for over 12 years and is a 4th Degree Black Belt!